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Generation Why?

Generation Y has a bad rap.

It is known as the “Me-Generation” and has attributes including narcissism, entitlement, and an obsession with being wealthy. While some of these  traits may be true (for some people, not me of course!), they don’t take into consideration the more positive aspects that sourround our generation. We are inventive, creative, and always strive to be the best. We’ve grown up around technology and its ever-changing world. I literally cannot wait until I can tell my future kids that I was alive when the internet didn’t exist, when the first cell phone was invented (I will never forget the Nokia brick that my mom first got), when Facebook was started (hello, hundreds of hours wasted discovering what my ‘friends’ were up to), and other obvious necessities like Netflix.


It’s funny how much our generation likes to look to the past. There are countless blogs (my personal favorite is Thought Catalog – it’s perfect for GenYers–uber narcissitic…) and articles dedicated to things/shows/games/etc. 90’s kids should remember. I’ve found myself reading many of those thinking about how much I missed all of that 90’s gloriousness. Well, Internet Explorer just came out with a new commercial targeted at Generation-Y:

It basically contains everything I have ever loved. My Tamagotchi, Lisa Frank, and fanny packs! I love this new commercial and how it is clearly dedicated to reaching our generation. It doesn’t try to mask what it’s about and it touches on all of the magnificence that was the 90’s.

However, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet who still uses Internet Explorer.

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Don’t Mess with the BOHAN

On Monday, Caroline Pekarsky, a recent UTK Ad alum, came to speak to our Social Media class about blogging specifically, and life after graduation more generally. She works Engagement for an Advertising firm in Nashville called BOHAN that has accounts ranging from the Music City Music Council to Pidgeon Forge.

BOHAN is a smaller firm that focuses on diversity and individuality. Oh, and they’re also located right across from the trailers used when filming the tv show Nashville! (Connie Britton is brilliant, though she will always remain Tammy Taylor of “Friday Night Lights” to me. Sidenote–I’m sure I’ll get to my obsession with FNL at some point this semester so, you’ve been warned).

Being able to talk to someone who has so recently graduated and entered the working world was exciting and interesting, especially since I’m about to venture into that Unknown myself. My plan has been to move to Nashville because, as much as I love Chattanooga and everything it has to offer, I want to try somewhere new and exciting so that I can challenge myself (but not so much that I’m going to move to some crazy other region where I don’t know anyone! Are you crazy?! Baby steps.)


A few things I learned from Caroline’s talk include:

1) Apply for jobs early–like I should’ve started yesterday…(Next weekend is going to be dedicated to that, I swear.)

2) Apply a lot of places.

3) Don’t be suprised when you never hear back from the majority of the places you’ve applied besides the obligatory, “We received your resume and will be in touch if anything opens up.” Yeah, sure you will..

4) Having a solid grasp on social media is what can set you apart from other applicants.

5) Using strategic #hashtags, links, categories, etc. will help immensely in increasing your influence and visibility online.

6) TITLES, TITLES, TITLES! I will say, my last post got a lot of traffic. Now, whether or not that was the traffic I was intending…

and my personal favorite piece of advice:

7) Never be afraid to be a FANBOY on Twitter. –Therefore, I am going to dedicate this semester to getting Lena Dunham to a) follow me back (whaaa? That’ll never happen!) b) reply to a tweet (slightly more achievable) or c) retweet me (laaaame but it’ll do). I will keep you, my legions of readers, updated as the saga continues. Wish me luck.

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GIRLS Gone Wild

Lena Dunham is my hero.

At age 26, she has written, directed, and starred in her own award-winning film, Tiny Furniture, that garnered extensive critical acclaim, she has earned herself a $3.5 million book deal with Random House, squared off with Howard Stern, and oh, she created a little show called GIRLS.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, GIRLS is a show about four friends living in New York City after college graduation, trying to figure out how to transition into the “real” world of work and relationships. The show is so painfully realistic that it is often times awkward and cringe-worthy. (I mean that in the best way possible). Nearly everyone can relate to one character or another, (I am personally a Shoshanna. Represent!), which leaves him or her ready for more after each 30-minute episode.

One reason I think Lena has been so successful, is her strong social media presence. She is prominent on Twitter and Instagram and, rather than constantly plugging her show or other business ventures, she acts like a true peer. She is extremely relatable and it translates to the show. HBO has even followed suit and created hashtags like #MistakesGIRLSmake and #ResolutionsGIRLSbreak to get conversations started on Twitter. To be successful today, it is important to know how to connect with your consumer/viewer/target, and right now, social media is the tool that can do that.



Season 2 of GIRLS premiered this past Sunday on HBO to strong ratings. At the same time, Lena was at the Golden Globes winning 2 awards for “Best Actress in a Comedy Series” and “Best Comedy Series.” Not too shabby.



Way to go, Lena! Two Golden Globes AND my first blog post!

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