Generation Why?

Generation Y has a bad rap.

It is known as the “Me-Generation” and has attributes including narcissism, entitlement, and an obsession with being wealthy. While some of these  traits may be true (for some people, not me of course!), they don’t take into consideration the more positive aspects that sourround our generation. We are inventive, creative, and always strive to be the best. We’ve grown up around technology and its ever-changing world. I literally cannot wait until I can tell my future kids that I was alive when the internet didn’t exist, when the first cell phone was invented (I will never forget the Nokia brick that my mom first got), when Facebook was started (hello, hundreds of hours wasted discovering what my ‘friends’ were up to), and other obvious necessities like Netflix.


It’s funny how much our generation likes to look to the past. There are countless blogs (my personal favorite is Thought Catalog – it’s perfect for GenYers–uber narcissitic…) and articles dedicated to things/shows/games/etc. 90’s kids should remember. I’ve found myself reading many of those thinking about how much I missed all of that 90’s gloriousness. Well, Internet Explorer just came out with a new commercial targeted at Generation-Y:

It basically contains everything I have ever loved. My Tamagotchi, Lisa Frank, and fanny packs! I love this new commercial and how it is clearly dedicated to reaching our generation. It doesn’t try to mask what it’s about and it touches on all of the magnificence that was the 90’s.

However, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet who still uses Internet Explorer.

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