It’s Arrested Development…

What’s in a title? That which we call a blog

By any other name would smell just as sweet..


The time has come for me to address the title and URL of my blog. After countless questions (or none) about where it came from, I would like to admit that it came from one of my all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development. If you don’t’ get it, watch the show. You’re already behind. Anyway, Ann, George Michael’s girlfriend, is a running joke on the show. She is constantly forgotten about or referred to as something unfortunate by pretty much every other character.


The best thing about Arrested Development is its ability to continue jokes throughout episodes and even seasons. My family can pretty much have an entire dinner conversation spoken only in Arrested Development quotes.


The idea that, in a mere few months, I will be graced with 14 new episodes streaming on Netflix makes me ecstatic. Me and my friends have already planned a marathon of the first three seasons followed by the new episodes. We’ll probably have to eat snacks made with a cornballer.

There are very few tv shows these days that are written as well as Arrested Development, and for some reason, I have an insane ability to kill these well-written shows. Anytime I find a show that I love, it is either immediately cancelled or on the brink of cancellation for its entire run. Some of the shows I’ve killed include:

1) Arrested Development

2) Friday Night Lights

3) Ed

4) Freaks and Geeks

5) Veronica Mars

Now, I’m not trying to sound conceited or anything, but ALL of these shows got cancelled once I got into them. There’s got to be some award for that.

My hope is that, if the new season of Arrested Development does well, these other shows might get the chance to continue, whether it be in show form or movie form. It’s probably unlikely, but a gal can dream!

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