Heineken For the Win

Heineken has officially shot to the top of the list of “Coolest Companies to Work For” after its most recent Youtube video came out.


Basically, Heineken recognized that people are molded and groomed to be able to interview well from a very young age. (As previously noted, I must have been sick on that day..) Anyway, with interview questions being so generic and answers overly rehearsed these days, how can a company truly find if a candidate is a good match for the job and the workplace environment? Well, they could do this:

The candidate who earned (and I’m talking truly earned) the position was the candidate who was best able to let his personality shine through in a series of ridiculous tests. And not only did he get the job, mind you, but Heineken made a big deal of it knowing he had been put through a bit more than a typical interview.

(Sidenote: The girl who continued to talk about money even when the guy had passed out? Come on…totes awk)

I want an interview like this. I want to “infect someone with my enthusiasm.” I don’t want to be hired because I can BS my way through a boring interview and do the same job a million other people could. I want to be hired for my personality and skill for a job that only I can do.

So Heineken, if you’re hiring……..just know that I’d catch a grenade for you.


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