Netflix For Facebook? No Thank You.

The other day I was reading an article on Mashable about a Netflix and Facebook integration. To sum up the story, apparently people were not allowed to share their Netflix histories on Facebook because of a law passed by Congress and President Reagan in 1988 called the Video Privacy Protection Act. It prohibited  “wrongful disclosure of video tape rental or sale records” and  “similar audio visual materials” which basically meant that sharing your Neflix history was evil.

But that’s all about to change!


Now Netflix users can share their viewing histories on Facebook to their heart’s content!!!

When I was reading the article I thought to myself “Self, who in the world would want to share their Neflix history on Facebook for all to see?!” I mean, doesn’t everyone get sucked into watching something weird or truly terrible at one point or another on Netflix? Be honest now…

I started thinking about it and a person’s Netflix history can really say a lot about them. This is what mine would look like. I think it says, “Lucy is a cool gal who appreciates spending time outside and hanging with friends”:

Monday: “5PM: Lucy watched episodes 1-22 of How I Met Your Mother-Season 4″

Tuesday: “6PM: Lucy finished Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother and watched episodes 1-13 of Season 5″

Wednesday: “2PM: Lucy watched episodes 14-19 of How I Met Your Mother; 7PM: Lucy watched episodes 20-24 of How I Met Your Mother; 12AM: Lucy is still watching How I Met Your Mother

Thursday: 10PM: “Does everyone know if Lucy is ok? She hasn’t logged any episodes of How I Met Your Mother today”

Friday: 11PM: “Lucy is watching My Life is a Lifetime Movie followed by Preacher’s Daughters

and that’s not including the weekend. Boy do I get crazy with my Netflix on the weekends! Perhaps a romantic comedy here and a “Critically-acclaimed Understated Father-Son Drama” or a “Cerebral British Crime Movie from the 1980’s” there.

(Sidenote: why are the categories SO specific?)

What I’m trying to say is a) that I watch too much How I Met Your Mother (thanks a lot, Elizabeth) and b) that Netflix is a guilty pleasure. No one wants to show just how much time they spend watching it. That, I can assure you, is one application I will not be installing on my Facebook…

Seriously though, who doesn't wanna be this guy's friend?

Seriously though, who doesn’t wanna be this guy’s friend?

That said, Netflix has truly revolutionized television. Cable is all but obsolete these days. Netflix has no ads and has an app for smartphones. The next episode is right at your fingertips. It even has its own shows like House of Cards which is insanely popular.

Plus, for the 95% of people that mooch off of someone else’s account, it’s free!

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