Veronica Mars: The Kickstarter Campaign Heard Around The World

My dreams have come true.

On Wednesday I was checking my oblig. celebrity gossip websites (shoutout to for always keeping me up to date on all things) and I scrolled through post after post with lackadaisical engagement until…could……….be????????????


They’re making a Veronica Mars movie! A kickstarter campaign was created by Rob Thomas, the creator of the show, along with its stars including Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring. is lauded as “a funding campaign for creative projects.” Basically, a person sets a specific goal in terms of dollar amount for a project and, when the goal is accomplished, the creator can produce the project thanks to donations and pledges from anyone interested in getting involved. (Here’s a list of other famous kickstarter projects.)

When I first saw the post, the pledges were around a cool million buckaroos, with a goal of $2 million to make the movie. Every person that donates to the campaign receives different tiered rewards (signed posters, shooting scripts, DVD box sets of the series, etc.) based on the amount of money pledged. People were shocked at just how fast this project hit $1 million. It took mere hours and was the fastest kickstarter campaign ever to do so.

Now the donations are still increasing by the day. Here’s how it’s doing right now:


I’d say the show has got a few fans.

Here’s the video that launched the campaign.

Veronica + Logan 4EVRRRR. I never accepted the Veronica/Piz relationship that was going on when the show got canceled. PLEASE.

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