An A-Z Index of Music

I listen to a lot of music. Some good, some bad, and some just darn catchy. So here it is, just what you’ve been waiting for! An A-Z index of my favorite artists and their best songs (in my humble opinion).

A- The Avett Brothers–the entire Emotionalism album. I can’t pick a favorite song.

B- Band of Horses–“The Funeral” is my all-time favorite song

C- Capital Cities–“Safe and Sound”–such a happy song that always makes me feel good. (Celine Dion was a close 2nd, as all of her songs prove beyond-worthy for karaoke, but I had to go with my gut.)

D- Dawes—“When My Time Comes”–I was introduced to Dawes when I went to see Mumford and Sons last year at the Ryman and they were a pleasant surprise. Now they’re on tour with Bob Dylan and have just announced their own headlining tour this summer.

E- Elton John–“Levon”–let’s be honest, was there ever another option?

F- Frightened Rabbit–“The Modern Leper”– My boss introduced me to this band when she learned of my love (obsession) with Mumford. They’re good and they have cute Scottish accents.

G- Garbage–“When I Grow Up”–I have loved this song since elementary school and once even stole the CD from my brother so that I could listen to it on repeat.

H- Hanson–“MMMBop”–obvi.

I- Iggy Azalea–“Work”–I’ve always wished I could rap. SIGH.

J- Jay-Z–“Public Service Announcement”–Saw him live freshman year in Atlanta and it was an interesting evening filled with an accidental attendance at a monster truck rally, but that’s a story for a different time..

K- Kid Cudi–“Pursuit of Happiness”–I love most of his songs so it was kind of a toss-up, but this one started my love for him.

L- Lana Del Rey–“Blue Jeans”–Lana is my giiiiiiiiiiiirl. I love all of her songs and her painfully uncomfortable SNL performance.

M-Mumford & Sons–“Dust Bowl Dance”–I’ve gone through so many favorites with this band but today I’m going with this one. I have seen Mumford twice and I want to go a million more times. They are a-mah-zing live.

M-Macklemore-“White Walls”–‘M’ gets 2 choices because I say so. Macklemore, though rising to fame with his hit “Thriftshop,” covers some serious topics including gay rights, his battle with addiction, and gang violence throughout his debut, self-produced album The Heist.

N- The New Radicals–“Mother We Just Can’t Get Enough”–A classic.

O- Of Monsters and Men–“Little Talks”– It’s getting overplayed, but as of now, I still love this song.

P- Passion Pit–“Moth’s Wings”–I sat through an hour and a half of getting trampled by Flogging Molly fans to be able to see Passion Pit perform my favorite song at Volapalooza freshman year. Was it worth it? Questionable, but I still have a passion for Passion Pit. (Too much?)

Q- weak selection…

R- RATATAT–“17 Years”–It’s pretty much a toss-up here. All of their songs are good.

S- The Strokes–“Is This It”–This is one band whose songs I will never skip when they come on shuffle on my iPod.

T- Third Eye Blind–“Semi-Charmed Life”– 3eb remains, to this day, to be one of my favorite bands. While this song is the obvious choice, there are really no other songs that could possibly beat such an upbeat, catchy song about Crystal Meth. They didn’t even edit it for the radio or tv because people just thought it was a happy song.

U- I can’t think of anything besides Usher and I refuse to put Usher so..n/a

V- The Verve Pipe–“Freshman”– The music video for this song will be forever burned into my brain. I have no idea why.

W- Whitney Houston–“I Will Always Love You”–This is my all-time, forever and always, favorite karaoke song. Man, oh man can I (not) hit those notes!

X- The XX–“Crystalised”– At some point in time, this song was on The OC. Surely.

Y- Yeah Yeah Yeahs–“Gold Lion”– Good band. Good song.

Z- Zac Brown Band–“Chicken Fried”– I’m embarrassed to go out on this song, but it is catchy and delightful and I am from Tennessee so I have to like at least some country…

Well there you have it, folks. What would your choices be?

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