Ultimate Frisbee…What’s That?

About an hour ago I got home from my final Ultimate Frisbee tournament of my college career. We went to Statesboro, GA, where we competed against teams like Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and apparently every other college in Georgia. (Why there were no other Tennessee teams in our ‘Sectionals’ tournament is striking me as odd as this moment but I’ll just go with it..) But back to the point. We had a team of 10 make the 7 hour trip, making use of the school’s minivan rental policy. (Side note: I have decided that minivans are, in fact, amazing. Stow-&-Go seating! Smooth ride! So roomy! Now I see why all the cool moms have one.) While we didn’t do as well as we could’ve, it was an incredibly fun tournament. My teammates are my best friends, and the people who probably know me the best at school.

Muh team minus a few

Muh team minus a few

As unknown as the sport is currently, it’s about to become much more widespread. USA Ultimate just reached a deal with ESPN to cover the most important championship tournaments and games. Pretty exciting stuff for the Ultimate world.

For those of you who have no idea what Ultimate Frisbee is, it can kind of be described as a cross between soccer, football, and basketball in terms of rules. Basically you have two endzones that you try to score in and you are not allowed to run with the disc. (I just got really distracted trying to find a decent video on Youtube that could show kind of the basics but they all had horrific soundtracks and weren’t very visually appealing…so just try to picture it.) You have a designated position on the field and different offensive and defensive strategies.

Our team has designated on-field personality traits, too. We have the Positive Pollys, who are just excited to be playing and rarely get frustrated. They increase morale and make it fun for everyone. We also have the strategists, (generally our two captains), who call the plays, the emotional players who get mad at themselves anytime something goes wrong, and finally, we have the vocal players. Who can guess what I fall into?

Positive Polly!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa jaykay. I am by far the most vocal player on our team. I will call travels and fouls until the cows (see what I did there?) come home and argue pretty much anything called against me that I feel is incorrect. I like to win… “Second is first loser,” amiright?!

Anyway, this post isn’t really social media-related, but it is a glimpse into my “personal brand” which, as I learned at Social Slam is important to define and retain. Mostly, I just want to give a shout-out to my team for putting up with me for 3 years. I’ve loved being El Presidente and can’t wait to see what y’all do next year! I’m officially passing the baton.

Time to hang these puppies up.

Time to hang these puppies up.

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