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*~*~*~*Group Projects <3*~*~*~*

If I had to pick my favorite thing about school, it would be, without a doubt, group projects. Everything about them is great. Great, great, great! The following is a list of the best things group projects have to offer:

1) Late nights! –Who wants to leave the library at a reasonable time? The fun happens when everyone leaves and you’re the only one there downing energy drinks until 3:45am on a Thursday night finishing your project that’s due at 12 the next day! Added bonus: If you were to leave at a normal time, more people would see you when you wipeout in the middle of the hallway and your books fly everywhere! Talk about perks.

2) Differing personalities! –Where’s the fun in working with people that you get along with well and creatively mesh with? I prefer a challenge. Let’s see who can get more people on their side of the debate! YEAHHHH!

3) Long hours!–I love spending 8 hours at the library only to get 2 pages worth of work done. It really gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I bet if I were working alone from home I would only get like…a paragraph done. Tops.

4) Peer Evaluations!–These are fun. Who did all the work? Who didn’t do any? Who’s feeling nice? Who’s feeling mean? Who’s gonna be honest? So many questions! Dun dun DUNNNNNNN!

5) Presentations!–I love public speaking! If anyone can BS a BS’er, it’s me! I can talk for days! My favorite thing is when I get stuck and am not allowed to have notecards to look at. Or when someone else gets stuck and there’s just dead silence for an extended period of time. Man, those times are great.

Being an advertising student, pretty much every semester is dedicated to group projects. I’ve been in some good groups, some bad groups, and some downright crazy groups. While this post is clearly satirical, I do appreciate everything I’ve learned from each group. I’ve been beyond stressed, angry, and sad at times, but also, happy, competitive, and proud at others. Advertising is an industry that I’m excited to get into and I know working in groups can often bring out the best and most creative work I have to offer.

But I’m seriously tired of spending my nights in the library.

Here’s my Campaigns group. If we don’t win, I will cry.

Dang, guuurl. Where'd you get dem shoes?!

Dang, guuurl. Where’d you get dem shoes?!

How we feel 2 days before our final presentation...

How we feel 2 days before our final presentation…


And The Oscar Goes To…OREO

The executives at Oreo need to be given a raise. Or at least a pat on the back. They have managed to take advantage of every widely watched program on tv in the last few months. First, there was the Super Bowl blackout. Oreo had executives watching the game with members of the advertising team which allowed them to put out this viral Twitter ad immediately after the blackout occurred:


And how much did this cost? Well, quiiiiiiiiite a bit less than those $3.8 million commercial spots. Enter: piggybackers galore. Walgreens and Tide, along with numerous other brands attempted to copy what Oreo had already done on Twitter with tweets like “We can’t get your #blackout, but we can get your stains out. #Superbowl #TidePower.” Still though, they couldn’t top Oreo. Too little, too late.


Now, flashforward to the Oscars last weekend. (I realize I’m a little late–I was going to “live-blog” them but they were too boring and I was watching with people. The only notes I took were “8:37 pm- Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron dancing………….” and “9:23 pm- James Bond video-WHY SO LONG?!” but I think that about covers the gist of the broadcast..) Oreo knew that they had “won” the Super Bowl, and utilized a similar strategy for the Oscars. Throughout the show they tweeted references to James Bond, Wreck-It-Ralph, and even The Walking Dead for those who weren’t watching the Oscars. Here’s an example of what they were tweeting (click here for the motion pic):

oreo tweet

The Oreo brand is gaining followers galore on social media, more copycats than it can count, and publicity for days for next to no cost. That’s called revolutionizing the game. That’s why Oreo will be around for a long time. And that’s why I will look to Oreo first to see what the big trends are.

Now I’m off to eat some Oreos. Yummmm.

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Heineken For the Win

Heineken has officially shot to the top of the list of “Coolest Companies to Work For” after its most recent Youtube video came out.


Basically, Heineken recognized that people are molded and groomed to be able to interview well from a very young age. (As previously noted, I must have been sick on that day..) Anyway, with interview questions being so generic and answers overly rehearsed these days, how can a company truly find if a candidate is a good match for the job and the workplace environment? Well, they could do this:

The candidate who earned (and I’m talking truly earned) the position was the candidate who was best able to let his personality shine through in a series of ridiculous tests. And not only did he get the job, mind you, but Heineken made a big deal of it knowing he had been put through a bit more than a typical interview.

(Sidenote: The girl who continued to talk about money even when the guy had passed out? Come on…totes awk)

I want an interview like this. I want to “infect someone with my enthusiasm.” I don’t want to be hired because I can BS my way through a boring interview and do the same job a million other people could. I want to be hired for my personality and skill for a job that only I can do.

So Heineken, if you’re hiring……..just know that I’d catch a grenade for you.


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That Awkward Moment…A List of Things To Never Do In An Interview

I have had my fair share of interviews over the years. I got my first job at 14 and have not stopped working since then. Working keeps me busy and has been a great way for me to meet people and work on myself. With all of those interviews, you’d think I’d be great at them right?!


I’m about 95% sure that the reason I got the job I have now is because my boss talked for the majority of the interview. Now it’s not like I don’t have things to say–oh, I do–it’s just that I get RIDICULOUSLY nervous. I don’t really know why this is, because I’ve always been more of a “performer” than a “practicer” but for some reason I just can’t get past this interview phobia.

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog religiously, I’m planning on moving to Nashville when I graduate to try to break into the big, scary world of Advertising.


One of my uncle’s was nice enough to pass along my bangin’ resume (no lie, it looks gooooood) to a woman he knows in Nashville who works in Public Relations who said she’d be willing to talk to me about the business there if I gave her a call. So really, this was only an informational interview anyway.

Yesterday I was going to call her around 10, got nervous, and decided to wait until later. So around 1, I picked up the phone, my hands shaking–keep in mind, INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW. As the phone started ringing, I was pleading in my head, “Please don’t pick up, please don’t pick up.” She didn’t pick up! Time to leave my message. This is how it went:

“Hi….this is Lucy………I’m so-and-so’s niece……….he said you might be willing to talk to me……about………….the Nashville????? ………………….If you want….you can give me a call back……………..or not……………………………………it’s whatever…………………alright…. well I would really appreciate it!…………………….But if you can’t, I totally understand! …ok………….oh…here’s my number…….ok……………………………………………………….bye?”

I can’t even leave a message. What is wrong with me?! I’m a very confident person. For some reason though, whenever I interview, my personality doesn’t come across at all, or at least in the way I’m intending. So, I’m taking it upon myself to compile a list of things you should never do (that I’ve definitely done) and things you should do during an interview to help anyone out there, and also for me to look at before I get back up on that horse.

Here it goes:

1) Never. Ever. EVER, when someone asks you what your favorite book is, say “‘Twilight’–but don’t hold it against me!”

-College scholarship interview. My mind went blank. I read a pretty decent amount. And all I could think of was “Twilight.” A real literary piece of genius right there. I was really showing off what a true intellectual I was. At least “50 Shades of Grey” hadn’t come out yet. Gawd.


2) Never say that you can juggle fire. Even as a joke. They will look at you with sincere interest, then when you say you were just kidding, give you disapproving looks and write things down on their paper as they shake their heads in disgust. You just flat out lied to them! You’re a terrible person.

-Same college scholarship interview. (Needless to say, I DEFINITELY got it..)


3) Avoid chairs that spin AT ALL COSTS.

-Repeat offender right here. I’m a nervous fidgeter. In numerous interviews I’ve caught myself literally spinning in semi-circles as I try to answer questions. I’m truly suprised I haven’t gotten motion sickness yet.


4) Always read up on the company and those who work for it before you interview for them. They want to know that you have a sincere interest in their company, not just in finding a job so that you can pay off your student loans (or a wild weekend–no judgement here). It’s really, really awkward when they ask you if you know any of their clients and you can name only one. Or none.


5) Be on time (early) and don’t rush.

-I had an internship interview last semester that I scheduled too close to when I got out of class. I sprinted home (waited on the bus to drive me), tried to change into professional clothes (sidenote: always make sure you have professional clothes. My days at Forever 21 might be limited…ahh who am I kidding, that store has my heart..) and was of course running behind. I was getting so stressed about the timing and the interview itself that I started getting extremely splotchy, and ended up having to wear an enormous infinity scarf to cover my blotchiness.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

And let me just say, it was not cold in there. Especially when I started sweating bullets.


6) Have answers to questions you know they’ll ask you. Like, “Tell us a little about yourself.” “Uhhh…I go to UT….I’m an Advertising major…..I’m a girl…………..I’m sitting in this interview right now…………..what else do you want to know?’

You should have at least 3 words to describe yourself, you should know your strengths and weaknesses, and you should certainly be able to talk about yourself. I mean, come on, Lucy, you brag about yourself all.the.time. You should also know exactly what you want to do with the company.


7) Fake it til you make it. My boss says that all the time, but it really is true. Confidence is key.



8) If all else fails and you crash and burn, just laugh it off (to stop from crying..). There will always be another opportunity out there for you.

My roommate was watching this very episode of “New Girl” when I got home from my interview last semester:

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How Facebook Changed Everything

Facebook turned nine yesterday.


Let’s rewind.

Nine years ago, I was 13. Not my prime. (I would add a picture of my 13 year old self but I don’t want anyone’s eyes to burn out.) I was still dancing (standing in the corner) to “Yeah!” by Usher at the middle school dances and “The Reason” by Hoobastank was the #1 song of the year. HOOBASTANK. My, how we’ve evolved since then. (Here’s a list of the other top songs that year–it’s quite the compilation.)

At the time Facebook was started, it was only available to college students. I remember my brother, a college freshman at the time, talking about it and how weird it was that someone from his elementary school classmates had added him. I, being the trendsetter (follower) that I was then, of course had a Myspace, but I just wasn’t really that into it. I mean I was only on like 2 people’s top 8. (Well look at me now, world! I’m an almost-college grad with no job lined up! In your FACE haters!)

Flashforward a year, and Facebook was introduced to high schoolers– a crew to which I could now call my own. Freshman year, braces off, and a new lease on life (or at least a new haircut). At my school, everyone was required to have a laptop, as we were a very technologically driven school. (Thank goodness for that, because I don’t know how I would’ve gotten my Zac Efron-circa-“High School Musical” fix otherwise…) Anyway, Facebook caught on like wildfire, and I had to join in on the fun because well, everyone else was doing it! Obvi.

This was my very first profile picture:


Me and my two best friends had a sleepover that first weekend that Facebook was introduced and spent literally the entire night adding friends from school and boys we thought were cute but who we would never talk to IRL. Because no, that wasn’t creepy at all. At that time, you had to go much further out of your way to stalk people too. UGH. Facebook opened right into your own profile. There was no newsfeed (a stalker’s dream).

A lot has changed since then. Facebook itself has changed numerous times, always to initial cries of protest, followed by slow acceptance and integration. There was the intoduction of the newsfeed, the timeline, targeted ads on the sides and later, within the newsfeed, and the most recent update, the graph search. I have also changed a bit since then. I no longer friend randos, (because that is scary–hello, “Catfish“), and I no longer love Jesse McCartney. Whatever happened to him anyway?


Facebook has paved the way for every other social media site that is popular today. Granted, others existed before, but they were nowhere near as popular and over-arching as Facebook has been since day one. According to an article on the Huffington Post, Mark Zuckerberg, at one point early on, considered adding a feature that would allow users to upload a resume so that companies could search for Harvard grads to fill positions. A LinkedIn before LinkedIn, we’ll say.

Personally, I’m glad Zuckerberg stuck to the more social side. It has allowed for the Advertising field to revolutionalize. This past weekend, there were more than 52 million social media mentions about the Super Bowl, and the majority of the commercials had some sort of social media call-to-action (primarily Twitter hashtags, but even a mention for Instagram!)

Everything we do has been affected by Facebook. We interact with people differently, we do our jobs differently, hey, we even search for jobs differently. Our lives are driven by the Internet. We have an infinite amount of information at our fingertips and we are using it to change the world.

I’m amazed that what was once just a silly pastime is now something that I’m looking to carry into my professional life. Advertising is an ever-changing field that I am ecstatic to be a part of. Who else can say that when they graduate, they will be able to get paid to work with social media?

Well the reason is you, Facebook. The reason is you.

Happy birthday.


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A Super Bowl of Controversy

Well, let me first say, Mr. Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so spring is coming early this year! It’s a good thing, because I simply cannot handle one more day in this icy, arctic tundra we call Knoxville.

But enough about my feelings on the weather. (“No please go on!”) Let’s get to what you all want to hear! My very own feelings on the Super Bowl!!!!!

The SuperBowl is, for a lot of advertisers, the be-all-end-all when it comes to success. To create an ad that is popular amongst the target, easy to remember, and can generate social media buzz basically says that, yes, you are the best at what you do.

What happens, though, when your ad gets popular for the wrong reasons? The game hasn’t even aired yet this year, and already there are some serious concerns about some of the ads that have been teased or shown in full this past week. One of those ads is for Gildan, the t-shirt company.


Gildan is trying to change its brand image to become a little cooler and edgier. The controversial ad is coming under fire for its supposed promotion of one night stands. For DeVito/Verdi, the ad agency who created the spot, I’m pretty sure that any publicity is good publicity. What do you think of the ad?


Then of course, we come to the Volkswagen ad. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve probably at least heard that it is being accused of being racist. It follows a man speaking in a Jamaican accent to his peers in a boring office, trying to cheer them up.


Ever since this ad came out earlier this week, there has been a rollercoaster of controversy. First, the commercial itself was accused of being racist. Then, officials in Jamaica said they were happy with the spot, so then viewers calling the spot racist were called racist. WHEW! Did you follow all of that? When you watch the ad on Youtube, comments are scrolling in by the second and there are already over 5 million views.  Last year, VW didn’t have a very successful campaign during the Super Bowl. Do you think they expected the controversy and welcomed it? I guess we’ll see when the statistics come out.

I think we all know that the true Super Bowl winner will be Beyonce’ anyway.


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Generation Why?

Generation Y has a bad rap.

It is known as the “Me-Generation” and has attributes including narcissism, entitlement, and an obsession with being wealthy. While some of these  traits may be true (for some people, not me of course!), they don’t take into consideration the more positive aspects that sourround our generation. We are inventive, creative, and always strive to be the best. We’ve grown up around technology and its ever-changing world. I literally cannot wait until I can tell my future kids that I was alive when the internet didn’t exist, when the first cell phone was invented (I will never forget the Nokia brick that my mom first got), when Facebook was started (hello, hundreds of hours wasted discovering what my ‘friends’ were up to), and other obvious necessities like Netflix.


It’s funny how much our generation likes to look to the past. There are countless blogs (my personal favorite is Thought Catalog – it’s perfect for GenYers–uber narcissitic…) and articles dedicated to things/shows/games/etc. 90’s kids should remember. I’ve found myself reading many of those thinking about how much I missed all of that 90’s gloriousness. Well, Internet Explorer just came out with a new commercial targeted at Generation-Y:

It basically contains everything I have ever loved. My Tamagotchi, Lisa Frank, and fanny packs! I love this new commercial and how it is clearly dedicated to reaching our generation. It doesn’t try to mask what it’s about and it touches on all of the magnificence that was the 90’s.

However, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the planet who still uses Internet Explorer.

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Don’t Mess with the BOHAN

On Monday, Caroline Pekarsky, a recent UTK Ad alum, came to speak to our Social Media class about blogging specifically, and life after graduation more generally. She works Engagement for an Advertising firm in Nashville called BOHAN that has accounts ranging from the Music City Music Council to Pidgeon Forge.

BOHAN is a smaller firm that focuses on diversity and individuality. Oh, and they’re also located right across from the trailers used when filming the tv show Nashville! (Connie Britton is brilliant, though she will always remain Tammy Taylor of “Friday Night Lights” to me. Sidenote–I’m sure I’ll get to my obsession with FNL at some point this semester so, you’ve been warned).

Being able to talk to someone who has so recently graduated and entered the working world was exciting and interesting, especially since I’m about to venture into that Unknown myself. My plan has been to move to Nashville because, as much as I love Chattanooga and everything it has to offer, I want to try somewhere new and exciting so that I can challenge myself (but not so much that I’m going to move to some crazy other region where I don’t know anyone! Are you crazy?! Baby steps.)


A few things I learned from Caroline’s talk include:

1) Apply for jobs early–like I should’ve started yesterday…(Next weekend is going to be dedicated to that, I swear.)

2) Apply a lot of places.

3) Don’t be suprised when you never hear back from the majority of the places you’ve applied besides the obligatory, “We received your resume and will be in touch if anything opens up.” Yeah, sure you will..

4) Having a solid grasp on social media is what can set you apart from other applicants.

5) Using strategic #hashtags, links, categories, etc. will help immensely in increasing your influence and visibility online.

6) TITLES, TITLES, TITLES! I will say, my last post got a lot of traffic. Now, whether or not that was the traffic I was intending…

and my personal favorite piece of advice:

7) Never be afraid to be a FANBOY on Twitter. –Therefore, I am going to dedicate this semester to getting Lena Dunham to a) follow me back (whaaa? That’ll never happen!) b) reply to a tweet (slightly more achievable) or c) retweet me (laaaame but it’ll do). I will keep you, my legions of readers, updated as the saga continues. Wish me luck.

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