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Spoiler Alert

“I can’t believe ______ got eliminated! I’m so mad!”

“_______ dies?! Why am I even watching?”

“______ killed _______ and I never even saw it coming!”

“Oh my god, it was _______ the whole time! MIND BLOWN.”

Alright folks, it’s time we had a come-to-Jesus meeting.

As social media becomes a more prominent and integral part of everyone’s day to day life, we need to remember the age-old rules of courtesy when it comes to spoiling shows, games, or movies for our friends and followers. Through trial and error (I once read a spoiler for Harry Potter and it was the worst day of my life), most of us have gotten good at knowing to avoid certain people’s tweets or our Twitter feeds entirely during awards shows, sporting events, or television episodes that we can’t watch until later or the next day. However, I don’t feel we should have to avoid all contact with the outer world in order to keep simple plot secrets intact. I don’t search for spoilers on other websites or in magazines, so I don’t want to read them on my Facebook timeline while I’m mindlessly scrolling. Sometimes people just can’t watch the show/game/etc. during it’s original airing whether due to work or another prior engagement. WHY MUST THESE PEOPLE SUFFER?!?!?!!?!?*~*~*!&!

Just in the last week I’ve accidentally seen spoilers for ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Project Runway’, and ‘Modern Family’, all on my newsfeed. I CAN’T UNSEE THESE. I don’t even watch ‘Breaking Bad’ (I know, I know…) but when I saw the spoilers I was angry for everyone who I knew did watch it and would see the statuses. I even saw someone’s status that was complaining about reading a spoiler on Facebook, and she spoiled it herself in her complaint status. Very meta.

Now, I understand it might seem like I’m being a liiiittle crazy, but my love for tv is a little crazy. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read what people think about what they’re watching, but it’s not necessary to give away the major plotlines in doing so. Stick with a nice “I can’t believe what just happened!!” and a good hashtag that you can follow, or at least preface your comment with a “SPOILER” warning. That way, everyone can be happy.

So please, for the love of entertainment, I beg you, no more spoilers.


Gossip Girl

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Ultimate Frisbee…What’s That?

About an hour ago I got home from my final Ultimate Frisbee tournament of my college career. We went to Statesboro, GA, where we competed against teams like Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, and apparently every other college in Georgia. (Why there were no other Tennessee teams in our ‘Sectionals’ tournament is striking me as odd as this moment but I’ll just go with it..) But back to the point. We had a team of 10 make the 7 hour trip, making use of the school’s minivan rental policy. (Side note: I have decided that minivans are, in fact, amazing. Stow-&-Go seating! Smooth ride! So roomy! Now I see why all the cool moms have one.) While we didn’t do as well as we could’ve, it was an incredibly fun tournament. My teammates are my best friends, and the people who probably know me the best at school.

Muh team minus a few

Muh team minus a few

As unknown as the sport is currently, it’s about to become much more widespread. USA Ultimate just reached a deal with ESPN to cover the most important championship tournaments and games. Pretty exciting stuff for the Ultimate world.

For those of you who have no idea what Ultimate Frisbee is, it can kind of be described as a cross between soccer, football, and basketball in terms of rules. Basically you have two endzones that you try to score in and you are not allowed to run with the disc. (I just got really distracted trying to find a decent video on Youtube that could show kind of the basics but they all had horrific soundtracks and weren’t very visually appealing…so just try to picture it.) You have a designated position on the field and different offensive and defensive strategies.

Our team has designated on-field personality traits, too. We have the Positive Pollys, who are just excited to be playing and rarely get frustrated. They increase morale and make it fun for everyone. We also have the strategists, (generally our two captains), who call the plays, the emotional players who get mad at themselves anytime something goes wrong, and finally, we have the vocal players. Who can guess what I fall into?

Positive Polly!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaa jaykay. I am by far the most vocal player on our team. I will call travels and fouls until the cows (see what I did there?) come home and argue pretty much anything called against me that I feel is incorrect. I like to win… “Second is first loser,” amiright?!

Anyway, this post isn’t really social media-related, but it is a glimpse into my “personal brand” which, as I learned at Social Slam is important to define and retain. Mostly, I just want to give a shout-out to my team for putting up with me for 3 years. I’ve loved being El Presidente and can’t wait to see what y’all do next year! I’m officially passing the baton.

Time to hang these puppies up.

Time to hang these puppies up.

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What It’s Like to Love the Most Hated Team in Sports

I expect it every time I say it. The groans of hatred. The horror and shock. But I’ll admit it:

I. Love. The. Yankees.

I’ve been born and bred a Yankees fan from birth, thanks to my dad, the only other person on this planet who likes the Yankees. Since I was about 6 years old I’ve known player stats, batting lineups, and trades that go on within the dynasty. I look forward to baseball season every year because it is a time for me and my dad to bond (and for me to learn some new, shall we say, “spicy” language), as well as a time for me to experience winning (vicariously, of course). Going to UT the past 4 years has not yielded quite the same results. (I’m hopeful for my man Butch Jones though!)

Just look at that camaraderie.

Just look at that camaraderie.

It’s funny, usually when someone mentions that they like any other team, people just accept it and move on, as if it were an ice cream preference or movie selection. Not with the Yankees though. Oh, no. People are truly offended. I get asked how I could possibly like a team that buys all of their wins or has consistent steroid allegations, blah blah blah. WHATEVER. I say, “Go big or go home,” “2nd is 1st loser,” and “You ain’t cheatin’ ’til you get caught.” (Not really with the last one…A-Rod is the worst and is the only problem with the Yankees organization.)

I Googled “The Most Hated Sports Teams” and almost every single page that came up had the Yankees listed in the description. That’s impressive.

Really though, why is there so much hate? I think it’s because of a little thing we like to call the green-eyed monster.

No one else’s team can win as much as the Yankees, and no other team has a player like Derek Jeter. I’m truly embarrassed when someone says their favorite team is someone like the Braves. I mean, they’re fine I guess, but how boring. They’re just consistent(ly boring). No major upsets, but no major wins. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m sorry I just fell asleep talking about the Braves. ANYWAY. When people tell me how much they hate the Yankees, it only fuels my love for them even more. It is better to be feared than loved. And fear, my dears (rhyme!) is why people can’t stand the Yankees. I will cheer for the Yankees until the day I die.

So, suck it up, ya losers. I feel a World Series win this year.

Plus, any team that Jay-Z can stand behind, I think we can all appreciate.

(Sidenote, Beyonce released a new picture of Blue Ivy on her HBO Special Life is But A Dream and she looks EXACTLYLIKEJAYZ. Check it out:)

blue ivy2

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A Super Bowl of Controversy

Well, let me first say, Mr. Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so spring is coming early this year! It’s a good thing, because I simply cannot handle one more day in this icy, arctic tundra we call Knoxville.

But enough about my feelings on the weather. (“No please go on!”) Let’s get to what you all want to hear! My very own feelings on the Super Bowl!!!!!

The SuperBowl is, for a lot of advertisers, the be-all-end-all when it comes to success. To create an ad that is popular amongst the target, easy to remember, and can generate social media buzz basically says that, yes, you are the best at what you do.

What happens, though, when your ad gets popular for the wrong reasons? The game hasn’t even aired yet this year, and already there are some serious concerns about some of the ads that have been teased or shown in full this past week. One of those ads is for Gildan, the t-shirt company.


Gildan is trying to change its brand image to become a little cooler and edgier. The controversial ad is coming under fire for its supposed promotion of one night stands. For DeVito/Verdi, the ad agency who created the spot, I’m pretty sure that any publicity is good publicity. What do you think of the ad?


Then of course, we come to the Volkswagen ad. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve probably at least heard that it is being accused of being racist. It follows a man speaking in a Jamaican accent to his peers in a boring office, trying to cheer them up.


Ever since this ad came out earlier this week, there has been a rollercoaster of controversy. First, the commercial itself was accused of being racist. Then, officials in Jamaica said they were happy with the spot, so then viewers calling the spot racist were called racist. WHEW! Did you follow all of that? When you watch the ad on Youtube, comments are scrolling in by the second and there are already over 5 million views.  Last year, VW didn’t have a very successful campaign during the Super Bowl. Do you think they expected the controversy and welcomed it? I guess we’ll see when the statistics come out.

I think we all know that the true Super Bowl winner will be Beyonce’ anyway.


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