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*~*~*~*Group Projects <3*~*~*~*

If I had to pick my favorite thing about school, it would be, without a doubt, group projects. Everything about them is great. Great, great, great! The following is a list of the best things group projects have to offer:

1) Late nights! –Who wants to leave the library at a reasonable time? The fun happens when everyone leaves and you’re the only one there downing energy drinks until 3:45am on a Thursday night finishing your project that’s due at 12 the next day! Added bonus: If you were to leave at a normal time, more people would see you when you wipeout in the middle of the hallway and your books fly everywhere! Talk about perks.

2) Differing personalities! –Where’s the fun in working with people that you get along with well and creatively mesh with? I prefer a challenge. Let’s see who can get more people on their side of the debate! YEAHHHH!

3) Long hours!–I love spending 8 hours at the library only to get 2 pages worth of work done. It really gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I bet if I were working alone from home I would only get like…a paragraph done. Tops.

4) Peer Evaluations!–These are fun. Who did all the work? Who didn’t do any? Who’s feeling nice? Who’s feeling mean? Who’s gonna be honest? So many questions! Dun dun DUNNNNNNN!

5) Presentations!–I love public speaking! If anyone can BS a BS’er, it’s me! I can talk for days! My favorite thing is when I get stuck and am not allowed to have notecards to look at. Or when someone else gets stuck and there’s just dead silence for an extended period of time. Man, those times are great.

Being an advertising student, pretty much every semester is dedicated to group projects. I’ve been in some good groups, some bad groups, and some downright crazy groups. While this post is clearly satirical, I do appreciate everything I’ve learned from each group. I’ve been beyond stressed, angry, and sad at times, but also, happy, competitive, and proud at others. Advertising is an industry that I’m excited to get into and I know working in groups can often bring out the best and most creative work I have to offer.

But I’m seriously tired of spending my nights in the library.

Here’s my Campaigns group. If we don’t win, I will cry.

Dang, guuurl. Where'd you get dem shoes?!

Dang, guuurl. Where’d you get dem shoes?!

How we feel 2 days before our final presentation...

How we feel 2 days before our final presentation…