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Vol For Life

Well, my time at UT is officially over. (*Cue waterworks*)

I have spent the last four years laughing, crying, stressing, going to class, skipping class, going to football games, learning, teaching, and most importantly, growing to love orange more and more. I could not have asked for a better college experience, and there is not one thing I would take back if I could. The people I’ve met along the way are some of the greatest people I’ve ever known, and I look forward to keeping in touch with them as we go our separate ways and follow our individual paths.


This past week has been crazy. For starters, about 30 of my closest friends saw me bawl my eyes out for the first time. I had successfully made it four years with probably only three of them having ever seen me cry. Not a big crier. Sentimental thoughts and fears of the unknown drove me to tears, though. I even allowed people to hug me. #SHUDDER. Then, the next day I got to see one of my very best friends graduate. Valedictorian of the Nursing program. NBD. Not like that’s hard or anything…she was the one who introduced me to Ultimate Frisbee, some of my very favorite people, and being weird as hell. Oh, and Menchies. God love her. She also got her dream job so snaps to her. #Attaguuuurl. (I really think hashtagging within conversations is gonna catch on so I’m going with it.) My family also came in town that night and I got to show them my Knoxville stompin’ grounds. (Shoutout to them for supporting me throughout my college career!) It was a delight to spend time with them and I got to take my brother to The Library, a classy speakeasy with drinks to die fo’. Aaaaand for once I was getting to introduce him to something rather than the other way around. He’s always ahead of the curve. (Except for that one time he asked me if I had heard “that song ‘Umbrella’ by Rihanna…five years after it came out.) Thursday was the big day. I graduated wearing the following mortarboard:


People didn’t want to sit by me…awkwaaaaaaaaaaard.

But whateva. I didn’t fall when I walked across the stage which was my primary concern so all’s well that ends well. That night, another one of my bestiezzz had a graduation party that was a delightful send off to those who I won’t see again for awhile (tear). And finally, on Friday, me and the friend I’m living with in Nashville decided on an apartment and got the paperwork started to move in the first weekend in June! WHEW! (Still debatable whether or not I’ll crash and burn in Nashville, but I’m optimistic.)

Overall, UT was perfect. When applying to colleges, I didn’t ever think I would actually go there, and after my traumatic orientation (blasting “Rocky Top” at 7am in the jail-cell-like Clement Hall (Long live Massey!) with no friends to talk to and a more-awkward-less-outgoing-than-I-am-now personality), I didn’t think I’d survive college. I’m pretty sure I spent about 95% of that weekend pretending to be talking on my phone. Now I only do that in the UTMOST of awkward situations! Like say, 85% of the time. LOLZ JAYKAY NOT THAT OFTEN.

At UT, I got to experience my first time living with a roommate, which truly could not have turned out better, (also my first time living with three roommates, and….seven roommates…and a dog), my first apartment, my first time doing my own laundry (don’t judge…), my first time ruining my own laundry, my first time getting to eat whatever I wanted (CURSE YOU SOPHIES AND PCB FOR ONLY HAVING DELICIOUS PIZZA AND BAGELS! AND PROBABLY PIZZA BAGELS! #Freshman5000), and even my first time having friends of the male species (all-girls middle and high school education REPRESENT!). I did manage to survive without pulling one all-nighter. Came pretttttty close this last semester, though.

As cheesy as this is, we all now know I’m secretly sentimental. So I just wanted to say, I will never forget the teachers, classes, teammates, and friends that made my journey the best it could be. Shoutout to y’all. Love you guise foreva and always.



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What It’s Like to Love the Most Hated Team in Sports

I expect it every time I say it. The groans of hatred. The horror and shock. But I’ll admit it:

I. Love. The. Yankees.

I’ve been born and bred a Yankees fan from birth, thanks to my dad, the only other person on this planet who likes the Yankees. Since I was about 6 years old I’ve known player stats, batting lineups, and trades that go on within the dynasty. I look forward to baseball season every year because it is a time for me and my dad to bond (and for me to learn some new, shall we say, “spicy” language), as well as a time for me to experience winning (vicariously, of course). Going to UT the past 4 years has not yielded quite the same results. (I’m hopeful for my man Butch Jones though!)

Just look at that camaraderie.

Just look at that camaraderie.

It’s funny, usually when someone mentions that they like any other team, people just accept it and move on, as if it were an ice cream preference or movie selection. Not with the Yankees though. Oh, no. People are truly offended. I get asked how I could possibly like a team that buys all of their wins or has consistent steroid allegations, blah blah blah. WHATEVER. I say, “Go big or go home,” “2nd is 1st loser,” and “You ain’t cheatin’ ’til you get caught.” (Not really with the last one…A-Rod is the worst and is the only problem with the Yankees organization.)

I Googled “The Most Hated Sports Teams” and almost every single page that came up had the Yankees listed in the description. That’s impressive.

Really though, why is there so much hate? I think it’s because of a little thing we like to call the green-eyed monster.

No one else’s team can win as much as the Yankees, and no other team has a player like Derek Jeter. I’m truly embarrassed when someone says their favorite team is someone like the Braves. I mean, they’re fine I guess, but how boring. They’re just consistent(ly boring). No major upsets, but no major wins. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I’m sorry I just fell asleep talking about the Braves. ANYWAY. When people tell me how much they hate the Yankees, it only fuels my love for them even more. It is better to be feared than loved. And fear, my dears (rhyme!) is why people can’t stand the Yankees. I will cheer for the Yankees until the day I die.

So, suck it up, ya losers. I feel a World Series win this year.

Plus, any team that Jay-Z can stand behind, I think we can all appreciate.

(Sidenote, Beyonce released a new picture of Blue Ivy on her HBO Special Life is But A Dream and she looks EXACTLYLIKEJAYZ. Check it out:)

blue ivy2

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