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The Veronica Mars Movie: A Dream Fulfilled?


Just call me a ‘Marshmallow.’

From Nancy Drew and Shelby Woo to Veronica Mars and Isabel Spellman, I’ve never met a snarky female mystery solver I didn’t like. (I assume I was one in a previous life–a less clumsy life.) But Veronica Mars has always topped the list. I mean, she got me through my awkward years. Therefore, you can only imagine my happiness when it was announced that Kristen Bell and Veronica Mars writer/creator Rob Thomas had launched a Kickstarter campaign in March 2013 to fund a Veronica Mars movie to finally tie up some loose ends. (If you want to read more about that, click here.)

The show was canceled in the middle of the 3rd season, leaving many character story lines open or just plain wrong…(did anyone actually like Veronica with Piz?) Anyway, the movie *finally* came out this past weekend in select cities and also OnDemand and digital download. I was ecstatic to finally (after 7 years) be able to jump back into a story with characters I knew and a place I had grown to love–good ‘ole Neptune.

Overall, I give it 3 stars.

Here’s why:

It’s clear that Veronica had grown up and even has a big girl job, but she still has that classic snark, and it had matured along with her. It’s fun to see her interact with her dad and her friends, and it feels real. Speaking of her friends, it fun to get to see all of the old characters we’ve grown to love (or hate) over the years. There’s, of course, Mac and Wallace, but we also get to see bitchy Madison Sinclair, detective Leo (Schmidt from ‘New Girl’, anyone?!), crazy party girl Gia, and of course, lovelorn Logan.

This brings me to a problem I had with the movie. Can anyone, at all, believe the far-fetched idea pitched to us that Logan somehow managed to clean up his life, and is now a member of the Navy? And he also happens to be such a good person that he is only dating his superstar girlfriend to be a sort of sponsor to her and keep her from her partying ways? I’ll answer that with a big fat no. It was ridiculous.

Speaking of his girlfriend whose murder serves as the basis for the overall mystery…

It’s a good idea for a mystery, but given that the time-frame was only an hour and a halfish versus an entire season, there were just too many coincidences and not enough details. Obviously it was a little hard to believe that everything coincided with the 10 year reunion and that it would happen to have involved everyone in Neptune.

But I can forgive the plot holes and all-too-coincidental coincidences because I love the franchise and I will support it as long as it continues. I would be SO down for them relaunching the show. But I want the old Logan back.

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The Kickstarter Comedown

Over the last few months, we’ve all heard about the wonder that is Kickstarter. I even blogged about it (because I’m super on-trend always!) Anyway, the Veronica Mars movie is what really catapulted Kickstarter to the household name that it is now. (For those of you that don’t know about the Veronica Mars situation, a. why haven’t you been reading my blog and b. read my older post here). That movie had a $2 million goal, but far surpassed it, making more than $5 million in a few short weeks.

People saw this and wanted to get in on the fun. Zach Braff, star of the ever-funny “Scrubs” as well as indie-cult-classic “Garden State,” saw the success of Veronica Mars and thought he could utilize a similar approach. He had been wanting for years to make a follow-up to “Garden State,” but was concerned that financing it through a typical deal would force unwanted changes to the script, cast, and ultimate direction of the film. By using Kickstarter, Braff would be able to retain all creative control.

He too, was successful in reaching and exceeding his $2 million goal (he’s currently at $2.7 million, roughly). His entire page is dedicated to his ideas and goals for the project, and just how using Kickstarter to fund it will help it to be the best it can be.

Of course, there was some backlash from his use of the Kickstarter platform, as many thought, why couldn’t he use his own money? He’s a rich movie star, afterall. To this he said, yes, he has been a successful actor in the business but that doesn’t mean he has $2 million sitting around gathering dust. He recognized that, if his fans didn’t care enough to fund the project, it wasn’t worth making anyway.

So now, enter Melissa Joan Hart aka Sabrina aka Clarissa Explains It All aka a washed-up has-been (no offense). In an article I read on Mashable, I discovered that she too, had tried to hop on the Kickstarter bandwagon. But boy, did she fail. Basically, the article mentions how she was neither famous enough nor passionate enough about the project for there to be any chance of it succeeding. She gained only $51,605 from just 315 backers for her project entitled “Darci’s Walk of Shame.” awkwarrrrrrd.

This fact leads me to believe that Kickstarter might’ve had its 15 minutes of fame. Sure, it will still work for smaller, much more independent and artistic projects, but it will not continue to work for these huge A-list projects any longer. The newness has worn off. Kudos to Kristen Bell and Zach Braff for being sincere enough and fast enough to delve into the uncharted territory, but everyone else, take a hint from our girl MJH.

If you can bear to watch it knowing the project failed, here is MJH explaining it all (get it?!)

Also note how eerily similar the music in that is to the song in this:

I will say though, that a wise ole pal suggested that I use Kickstarter to fund the kickass bar I have designed. So you can look out for that.

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Veronica Mars: The Kickstarter Campaign Heard Around The World

My dreams have come true.

On Wednesday I was checking my oblig. celebrity gossip websites (shoutout to PerezHilton.com for always keeping me up to date on all things) and I scrolled through post after post with lackadaisical engagement until…could…..it…….be????????????


They’re making a Veronica Mars movie! A kickstarter campaign was created by Rob Thomas, the creator of the show, along with its stars including Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring. Kickstarter.com is lauded as “a funding campaign for creative projects.” Basically, a person sets a specific goal in terms of dollar amount for a project and, when the goal is accomplished, the creator can produce the project thanks to donations and pledges from anyone interested in getting involved. (Here’s a list of other famous kickstarter projects.)

When I first saw the post, the pledges were around a cool million buckaroos, with a goal of $2 million to make the movie. Every person that donates to the campaign receives different tiered rewards (signed posters, shooting scripts, DVD box sets of the series, etc.) based on the amount of money pledged. People were shocked at just how fast this project hit $1 million. It took mere hours and was the fastest kickstarter campaign ever to do so.

Now the donations are still increasing by the day. Here’s how it’s doing right now:


I’d say the show has got a few fans.

Here’s the video that launched the campaign.

Veronica + Logan 4EVRRRR. I never accepted the Veronica/Piz relationship that was going on when the show got canceled. PLEASE.

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It’s Arrested Development…

What’s in a title? That which we call a blog

By any other name would smell just as sweet..


The time has come for me to address the title and URL of my blog. After countless questions (or none) about where it came from, I would like to admit that it came from one of my all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development. If you don’t’ get it, watch the show. You’re already behind. Anyway, Ann, George Michael’s girlfriend, is a running joke on the show. She is constantly forgotten about or referred to as something unfortunate by pretty much every other character.


The best thing about Arrested Development is its ability to continue jokes throughout episodes and even seasons. My family can pretty much have an entire dinner conversation spoken only in Arrested Development quotes.


The idea that, in a mere few months, I will be graced with 14 new episodes streaming on Netflix makes me ecstatic. Me and my friends have already planned a marathon of the first three seasons followed by the new episodes. We’ll probably have to eat snacks made with a cornballer.

There are very few tv shows these days that are written as well as Arrested Development, and for some reason, I have an insane ability to kill these well-written shows. Anytime I find a show that I love, it is either immediately cancelled or on the brink of cancellation for its entire run. Some of the shows I’ve killed include:

1) Arrested Development

2) Friday Night Lights

3) Ed

4) Freaks and Geeks

5) Veronica Mars

Now, I’m not trying to sound conceited or anything, but ALL of these shows got cancelled once I got into them. There’s got to be some award for that.

My hope is that, if the new season of Arrested Development does well, these other shows might get the chance to continue, whether it be in show form or movie form. It’s probably unlikely, but a gal can dream!

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